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Brand Strategy

Most brand marketing can be dull and cheesy.

Don’t be dull and cheesy.



We see every project as an opportunity to innovate. From insight-gathering to concept creation to consumer validation using quant and qual, Kinetic can help clients invent new product ideas that are consumer vetted and market ready.

Branding could be one of the most overused and misused terms in the marketing world. The truth of the matter is that branding has to do with the way a company is visually delivered, audibly delivered, touched, experienced, interacted with and valued in the marketplace. It’s even more than that, but let’s just say that covers it.

You see, branding is often talked about in terms of identity, logo, tagline etc. Those things can be important to a brand – but they don’t make a brand. We don’t make brands, we represent them.

So what is a branding process? It’s ultimate success results in weaving a narrative that tells the story of your brand. 


Below Are Our Branding Services



Creating a comprehensive brand strategy goes far beyond a logo design. It involves creating a plan, a voice, and design that taps into the true essence of your brand.  Our team of brand specialists work with you to plot a course from here to Awesome by learning what your customers want and what your business needs.


Design is our first love, so distilling your brand identity into one elegant, simple image really gets us going. Along with our background in expert corporate logo design, we take the goals, industry, history, and personality of your organization to craft a one-of-a-kind logo that helps get your brand noticed.


Behind every successful company is a team of passionate people with an important message to share. However, it isn’t always easy to put passion into words that resonate with your target audience. That’s where we come in. We turn your passion into the words that make your customers want, need, buy, love, and share what you’re selling.


Using the most cutting-edge technologies and platforms, we analyze and deliver user interaction data to see monitor your audience’s response and interaction to your brand strategy.  In short, we play brand police to make sure to ensure the brand strategy stays successful and consistent over time.

Get Started on Your Design Project

Do you have a need for design for your Business?  In just a few minutes we can determine how Kinetic can assist you with your design project.

Reach out to us to Discuss your design project needs.  Send Us a Facebook Message via Messenger, or Click the Link Below to Schedule a Free 20min Consultation.
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We worked with Kinetic to run a facebook campaign to advertise an event at our restaurant.  We also wanted to generate awareness for a special event. We also wanted to attract new customers. After one week into the campaign, the request for reservations was overwhelming.

We were receiving so many calls with inquiries. It became difficult to conduct daily business without a phone call interruption. As a result of the campaign, we sold all of our available reservations and tracked multiple new dining customers from this one Facebook campaign. It was an absolute success.

 – Owner, Celebrations on Market

The Ebony Tie Affair is the largest formal gathering of African-American men on the East Coast. For 19 years, we put an invite in the mail for our regular guests and others we thought might be interested. 

This past year, we used cool digital marketing campaign, which leveraged native and video content to announce our 20th year and increase our invited guests.  We doubled our normal volume and enjoyed our very best year. 


Because Ken Briscoe of Kinetic Advertising & Marketing helped us make the Affair come to life to our target audience, in the places where they spend most of their time, online and across social media.

 – Dr. Tony Allen, 2016 Ebony Tie Affair Event Chair



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