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Instagram Advertising

One of the of the world’s largest mobile ads platforms

600 million — that’s how many Instagram users there are all over the globe.

Grow Your Business Using Instagram Ads

Are you looking to reach over 600 million targeted users on the world’s most popular visual social network?
We can target the right customers, saving money on ad spend and scaling your campaigns to meet your ROI goals. Whether your business goal is to announce a new product, increase app downloads, drive traffic to purchase or attend an upcoming event, Instagram ads are proven to reach a highly visual and engaging audience.

Kinetic can help you tap into the niche market that will love your product or service, quickly getting your business where you want it to be.

Here are the top three reasons why you should advertise on Instagram

  1. Digital advertising is growing
    Businesses are increasing their budget for digital advertising every year. In fact, the total online spend is expected to increase from $151 billion in 2015 to $204 billion in 2018. Digital advertising is growing because consumers are spending more time online via computers and mobile devices. Additionally, digital advertising provides more targeting mechanisms than traditional media.

  2. One of the of the world’s largest mobile ads platforms
    600 million — that’s how many Instagram users there are all over the globe. Over 75 million of them interact on a daily basis. Additionally, almost 76% of Instagram users live outside the US — an entire new market for your business to access. With such a large base of regular users, Instagram is the ultimate platform to globally reach your target audience.

  3. Highly Engaged Instagram Audience
    On Instagram, there are over 40 billion photos shared and 3.5 billion likes every single day. Engagement rates on Instagram stay consistent at 4.2% while engagement on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are between 0.3 and 0.7%. The reason that engagement is drastically higher on Instagram is because it’s highly visual and easy to use, making it quick to absorb information as well as allowing a much wider range of people to interact with each other.
Instagram Advertising

What can Instagram advertising do for you?

CLICKS TO WEBSITEWith Instagram, you can send people directly to any page on your website that you want them to visit.

WEBSITE CONVERSIONProvide clear call to action buttons such as “Buy Now” or “Shop Now” that enable Instagram users to know exactly what action you intend for them to perform.

Allow users to download your app – quick, easy and directly taken to the App Store for iOS or Android.
Display ads directly to users that have already downloaded your app reminding them of new features and ways to use your app.
Tell your business story or announce the launch of a brand new product with 60 seconds videos.
Make sure your videos or commercials are seen by your target audience.

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We worked with Kinetic to run a facebook campaign to advertise an event at our restaurant.  We also wanted to generate awareness for a special event. We also wanted to attract new customers. After one week into the campaign, the request for reservations was overwhelming.

We were receiving so many calls with inquiries. It became difficult to conduct daily business without a phone call interruption. As a result of the campaign, we sold all of our available reservations and tracked multiple new dining customers from this one Facebook campaign. It was an absolute success.

 – Owner, Celebrations on Market

The Ebony Tie Affair is the largest formal gathering of African-American men on the East Coast. For 19 years, we put an invite in the mail for our regular guests and others we thought might be interested. 

This past year, we used cool digital marketing campaign, which leveraged native and video content to announce our 20th year and increase our invited guests.  We doubled our normal volume and enjoyed our very best year. 


Because Ken Briscoe of Kinetic Advertising & Marketing helped us make the Affair come to life to our target audience, in the places where they spend most of their time, online and across social media.

 – Dr. Tony Allen, 2016 Ebony Tie Affair Event Chair



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