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Mobile Advertising

Within 2 years, mobile ad spend is projected
to represent 72% of total ad budgets.


Grow your business using Mobile Marketing & Ads

The average person spends almost 3 hours a day on a mobile device. That’s 30 minutes more than they spend on a computer, and the gap continues to widen.

Just as digital ad spending has siphoned dollars away from TV, print, and outdoor advertising, mobile ad spend has been chipping away at the money spent targeting users on desktop. If you’re not yet advertising in the mobile space, you’re missing the fastest growing segment of Internet traffic and a key piece to a profitable performance marketing strategy.

The training and experience we have optimizing ads across social and search is the same expertise that will put your ads in front of high-value customers across mobile devices. And while advertising on mobile means leveraging our social expertise for Facebook and Twitter, it also means accessing more than one billion impressions per day across our mobile RTB partner networks, providing campaign and inventory data that helps us optimize for your media goals and target your best customers.

Kinetic will maximize the value of your ad spend by ensuring you have a strong mobile advertising strategy that targets only your most profitable users on mobile.

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We worked with Kinetic to run a facebook campaign to advertise an event at our restaurant.  We also wanted to generate awareness for a special event. We also wanted to attract new customers. After one week into the campaign, the request for reservations was overwhelming.

We were receiving so many calls with inquiries. It became difficult to conduct daily business without a phone call interruption. As a result of the campaign, we sold all of our available reservations and tracked multiple new dining customers from this one Facebook campaign. It was an absolute success.

 – Owner, Celebrations on Market

The Ebony Tie Affair is the largest formal gathering of African-American men on the East Coast. For 19 years, we put an invite in the mail for our regular guests and others we thought might be interested. 

This past year, we used cool digital marketing campaign, which leveraged native and video content to announce our 20th year and increase our invited guests.  We doubled our normal volume and enjoyed our very best year. 


Because Ken Briscoe of Kinetic Advertising & Marketing helped us make the Affair come to life to our target audience, in the places where they spend most of their time, online and across social media.

 – Dr. Tony Allen, 2016 Ebony Tie Affair Event Chair



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