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Snapchat Advertising

200 million active users are sending about
1 billion “snaps” every day.

65% of users are under the age of 25. 
If you have a brand that appeals to that demographic, you need to be marketing on Snapchat.  We want to help.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat, founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, is a mobile app the allows users to “snap” a video or photo as a means of communication with other users. Snapchat allows users to monitor their chats or follow stories they find interesting. Snapchat’s rise in popularity as a social network was primarily due to the changing trend that pictures and videos were being used for communicating rather than simply saving a memory. Snapchat allows users to provide instant expression on how they are feeling in the moment instead of traditional social media, which stores all content and provides a “social identity” in regards to everything a user has ever done. The companies’ first blog post stated that “Snapchat isn’t about capturing the traditional Kodak moment. It’s about communicating with the full range of human emotion—not just what appears to be pretty or perfect.”

“We want to help tell your brand story on Snapchat. To put smiles on faces, and get your target audience taking action and excited about what you do.”

Why you should care about Snapchat?

While there are many reasons why you should be taking notice of Snapchat, there are three that stand out.

 1. A Large Demographic:
Want to continue to reach the 13- to-35-year-old demographic, Snapchat is the obvious choice. Snapchat is the prime platform to start building a community.  The largest growing demographic on Snapchat are those who are 40 and over. 

2. A Creative Space:
Brands can creatively tell their stories for both consumers or professionals. Soon we will see contests, new product releases, press releases, exclusive coupons, behind the scenes content, new team member introductions, and many other events from companies.

3. Creates Relationships:
Both consumers and professionals can use Snapchat to create unique content for your audience. Ex: If you own a restaurant, go behind the scenes and give secrets and insights into the recipes. Snapchat is the perfect creating a real relationship with your customer.

Three Types of Companies Snapchat Advertising advertising will work for.

want to have a Snapchat presence but don’t currently have a Snapchat strategy in place.


are looking for a Snapchat creator to create original content for their Snapchat account.

already buy in to the awesomeness of Snapchat and are looking to partner with a Snapchat influencer who can engage audiences.

Have a Question?

Want to know if Snapchat Ads will work for your Business?  In just a few minutes we can uncover the Snapchat Advertising strategies that can work for your business.

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We worked with Kinetic to run a facebook campaign to advertise an event at our restaurant.  We also wanted to generate awareness for a special event. We also wanted to attract new customers. After one week into the campaign, the request for reservations was overwhelming.

We were receiving so many calls with inquiries. It became difficult to conduct daily business without a phone call interruption. As a result of the campaign, we sold all of our available reservations and tracked multiple new dining customers from this one Facebook campaign. It was an absolute success.

 – Owner, Celebrations on Market

The Ebony Tie Affair is the largest formal gathering of African-American men on the East Coast. For 19 years, we put an invite in the mail for our regular guests and others we thought might be interested. 

This past year, we used cool digital marketing campaign, which leveraged native and video content to announce our 20th year and increase our invited guests.  We doubled our normal volume and enjoyed our very best year. 


Because Ken Briscoe of Kinetic Advertising & Marketing helped us make the Affair come to life to our target audience, in the places where they spend most of their time, online and across social media.

 – Dr. Tony Allen, 2016 Ebony Tie Affair Event Chair



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